Harry's complete lack of ducks (harriet_vane) wrote in watching_dc,
Harry's complete lack of ducks

"He really is the smart one! It's not just hype!"

I'm recording Lance's episode of Kim Possible. It's just SO GREAT. And how else will I be able to listen to Hello, Hello, Hello whenever I want? I mean, they haven't gotten this much attention since Nicky Nick broke up with Brittina!

So at the end of the episode is a new Road to HSM2. Parts of it are absolutely adorable -- everyone huddled up in giant jackets shivering while shooting "Everyday" and Lucas showing us behind the scenes of "You Are The Music in Me." Other parts are less adorable, by which I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME they show Zac dancing he is WRONG. Seriously. His arms, without fail, are going the wrong way, or he has just stepped the wrong way, or GOOD LORD, ZACHARY, JUST FOLLOW CORBIN.

in less-likely-to-make-me-scream-at-my-tv-not-that-I-did-that  news, genuinely adorable shots of Zac! He didn't know what to do with his hair, so someone got him a hat! Genius! Also, unlike when he's promoting HSM2, he looks happy to be there. Maybe no one in Australia has seen Bet On It?
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