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it's catching

I know it's not really Disney related, but every time I see an ad for Amanda Bynes' new movie I can't help thinking "Did she catch Oompa Loompa Disease from Zac, or did he catch it from her?"

For serious, the girl is orange. It's kind of weird. Perhaps she should visit Zac Efron Please Stop Tanning [dot com].

Plus, a really interesting Time article about Zac. "Although he masks it with charm, he pushes hard, maybe too hard, on the normal-guy thing. He frets about coming across off as arrogant." (UM. GOOD JOB, ZAC.) If nothing else, I love this: "'I made him jump on a bed and make out with this photograph. I mean really make out' says Hairspray director Adam Shankman. 'He would just do it -- but with such a level of total abandonment and commitment... He was always asking for more takes. Never satisfied.'" (Hint hint. Kenny.) And then Tiger Beat says he's growing out of their demographic and he's kind of over! Fascinating! It's here here and here.

PS -- y'all are free to spend time you should be doing other things trolling for articles about Corbin and Lucas! I just don't find many of those reading the Hairspray blog.
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