Harry's complete lack of ducks (harriet_vane) wrote in watching_dc,
Harry's complete lack of ducks

a rare moment of non-schadenfreude

Remember how Zac wished people would just let him pump gas? We thought it was one guy following him around.

There's video footage of those pictures being taken, and actually it's more like 5 people, all yelling "C'mon, Zac, smile, you have such a cute smile, c'mon, Zac, look over here, Zac, c'mon, Zac!!!!" while Zac mumbles "I am not happy." There's also footage of him getting his smoothie, and going to the bank, and waiting in line... I would go crazy. All he does is look at the ground and mutter "Thanks, guys."

Okay, just this once; awwwwwwww. That actually, genuinely sucks.
Tags: oh dear, zefron
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