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Watching the Disney Channel's Journal
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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
10:21 am
Thanksgiving Day Parade
Oh, Fatface Jonas. Getting a perm so that you look more like Adopted Jonas won't make him any less Adopted Jonas. If for no other reason than I want to punch him so much less than I want to punch you and Peter Gallagher Jonas.

Also, the fact that you guy are on the BUILD-A-BEAR FLOAT should finally bring it home to you that you are NOT HARDCORE.

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
5:47 pm
Zac Efron was pulled over by the cops this week.

He was driving too slowly.

SOMETHING ELSE IN COMMON WITH GERARD WAY. I'm just saying. Of course, only one of them was accused of being a satanist and strip-searched and locked in a cop car for a couple of hours. This guy just asked for Zac's signature for his daughter. (Dear Gerard: Please start showering regularly. See how it would benefit you?)
Saturday, September 29th, 2007
2:37 pm
Zac Efron and Joey Fatone!

Please note, despite both looking like girls and being roughly as threatening as tiny, tiny kittens, Zac Efron =/= Gerard Way.
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
5:51 pm
Zac and Vanessa broke up. Or not. Or else they're in love. Or not. I don't really care.

Dear Tiz: You are the worst dancer EVAH. At least Zac knew not to put out an album. Your song is annoying and your club looks like the least amount of fun anyone's ever had. Are you aware it's two songs spliced together? And that neither of them is very good? Also, stop promising that a one-night stand will make "all our dreams come true." Aim a little higher, stupid!

She is way too skinny to be sexy AT ALL.

I am also deducting points for "It's so Jessica Alba fantastic!" because WHAT?
Sunday, September 9th, 2007
10:52 am
corbin FTW
How Corbin Became My Favorite:

Monique: So, can we put the whole thing together from the beginning?

Corbin: Well, uh... I think for Zac's sake we should do it at half speed.

Monique: Oooh. Good point!... I'm just kidding. [No, she's not.]


In other news, our DVR didn't record the dance-along, even though it was recording when I left the house, so I am forced to watch these clips on youtube. At one point, Zac is clearly partner-dancing with Ryne. And something's wrong with his pants (besides the fact that he's clearly sharing wardrobe with Kelsi). And I think he might be wearing eyeshadow. In better news, Lucas couldn't be any cuter.
Saturday, September 8th, 2007
6:33 pm
"Wait, you *really* have my room key???"
Genuinely charming Zac! It's pretty cute that his response to "He's four times as beautiful on the inside!" is to giggle, but it's awesome that the host of the TV show has stolen his room key and we get to watch him panic. For real. He's laughing, but his eyes say "Oh fuck; Vanessa's totally in my room." Why aren't you this sweet on American TV, Zef? (There is another interview from about ten minutes later where he is a complete and total tool; I think being asked the same question twice makes douche!Zef show up.)
12:06 pm
Update: Miley Stewart is still a huge bitch for no apparent reason. (I love you, Miley. But WHAT is your DAMAGE?) Also, is it just me or is Billy Ray getting a little pudgy?
Thursday, September 6th, 2007
5:11 pm
"He really is the smart one! It's not just hype!"
I'm recording Lance's episode of Kim Possible. It's just SO GREAT. And how else will I be able to listen to Hello, Hello, Hello whenever I want? I mean, they haven't gotten this much attention since Nicky Nick broke up with Brittina!

So at the end of the episode is a new Road to HSM2. Parts of it are absolutely adorable -- everyone huddled up in giant jackets shivering while shooting "Everyday" and Lucas showing us behind the scenes of "You Are The Music in Me." Other parts are less adorable, by which I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME they show Zac dancing he is WRONG. Seriously. His arms, without fail, are going the wrong way, or he has just stepped the wrong way, or GOOD LORD, ZACHARY, JUST FOLLOW CORBIN.

in less-likely-to-make-me-scream-at-my-tv-not-that-I-did-that  news, genuinely adorable shots of Zac! He didn't know what to do with his hair, so someone got him a hat! Genius! Also, unlike when he's promoting HSM2, he looks happy to be there. Maybe no one in Australia has seen Bet On It?
Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
8:45 pm
I am really excited about the HSM2 Dance Along. And only partly because Zac is wearing capris again for no good reason. Lucas is the DJ! Everyone is orange! it will be fabulous!

Oh my god, the fever is making me delusional.
6:57 pm
My new theory is long flights fuck up Zac's hair and he doesn't know how to fix it himself. But hey, he wore a "Stop Hating" bracelet, so I'd better back off.

OH. WAIT. SHUT UP, ZEFRON. If you don't like your hair in your eyes, fucking cut it. And then shut up again.

Vanessa was there, too, but she's not allowed to be photographed with him for official Hairspray stuff. OR MAYBE she didn't WANT to be photographed near that hair. Is it contagious?

ETA: Quoth Paris Hilton "I think he’s beautiful. He’s young but gorgeous. I saw him on the cover of Rolling Stone, and he looked really cute.” EW.
Monday, September 3rd, 2007
7:41 pm
Zachary, I let it slide when you decided that "shiny shirts and skinny ties" were the new hot. (If by "slide" you mean "yelled at you repeatedly.") And I totally believe that you only spend 30 seconds on your hair. (I wonder if you know how much you look like a girl, but that's more your business, really.) I also totally believe that you are excited to go buy $8 jeans at goodwill because that way you can buy "ten pairs, for like, 80$!" because I've seen the car you drive. (You can afford to get the dent fixed, I promise you can.)

But honey. You can afford more than one pair of pants. Didn't Lucas explain any of this to you, or is he too exhausted? Go and get two pairs of $8 pants for your next press tour. For serious.

9:10 am
the 12 year olds find *everything*
The first half of Humahumanukanukaapua'a. It seems to be another of Troy's acid trips, and it seems to be yet another scene where Zef was instructed to "Sit there and look baffled." (Dear Kenny, if you have an actor who can actually sort of act sometimes (unlike, let's say, Vanessa) perhaps you should let him do something every now and then.)
Friday, August 31st, 2007
7:44 pm
Nude photos of Vanessa: Real? Fake? Is she that dumb, or does she only SEEM that dumb? Does this mean she's not really sleeping with Zac? Does this mean she *is* really sleeping with Zac? Is England the Introduction to the Opposites where everyone EXCEPT Zac dresses weird? Discuss!
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
7:35 pm
irony and hatred: BACK!
Shortest period of sympathy EVER. I'm back to wanting to punch Zef in the face! These are the times I wish I had more icons.

This is not a  hairstyle. It's a terrible, terrible tragedy. If you don't want your hair in your face CUT YOUR HAIR.

(VANESSA, TALK TO HIM. I'm starting to think YOU'RE enjoying all the schadenfreude.)
3:29 pm
a rare moment of non-schadenfreude
Remember how Zac wished people would just let him pump gas? We thought it was one guy following him around.

There's video footage of those pictures being taken, and actually it's more like 5 people, all yelling "C'mon, Zac, smile, you have such a cute smile, c'mon, Zac, look over here, Zac, c'mon, Zac!!!!" while Zac mumbles "I am not happy." There's also footage of him getting his smoothie, and going to the bank, and waiting in line... I would go crazy. All he does is look at the ground and mutter "Thanks, guys."

Okay, just this once; awwwwwwww. That actually, genuinely sucks.
9:28 am
it's catching
I know it's not really Disney related, but every time I see an ad for Amanda Bynes' new movie I can't help thinking "Did she catch Oompa Loompa Disease from Zac, or did he catch it from her?"

For serious, the girl is orange. It's kind of weird. Perhaps she should visit Zac Efron Please Stop Tanning [dot com].

Plus, a really interesting Time article about Zac. "Although he masks it with charm, he pushes hard, maybe too hard, on the normal-guy thing. He frets about coming across off as arrogant." (UM. GOOD JOB, ZAC.) If nothing else, I love this: "'I made him jump on a bed and make out with this photograph. I mean really make out' says Hairspray director Adam Shankman. 'He would just do it -- but with such a level of total abandonment and commitment... He was always asking for more takes. Never satisfied.'" (Hint hint. Kenny.) And then Tiger Beat says he's growing out of their demographic and he's kind of over! Fascinating! It's here here and here.

PS -- y'all are free to spend time you should be doing other things trolling for articles about Corbin and Lucas! I just don't find many of those reading the Hairspray blog.
Monday, August 27th, 2007
1:48 pm
Radio interview with Lucas! Who, no shit, references his girlfriend. I hear "Zac is your average teenage guy" as "Zac is kind of dumb" and "Vanessa's  so sweet" as "Vanessa's not very bright either," but I really appreciate his reaction to hearing "Zanessa" for the first time.

Also, his mom called Brad Pitt's mom. Hee!
Sunday, August 26th, 2007
8:03 pm
Teen Choice Awards
Yeah, I'm "live blogging." Or, writing down nasty comments as they occur to me.
Saturday, August 25th, 2007
4:44 pm
1:12 pm
Corbin, stop that
Corbin news! No, for real. He grew facial hair! I just can't find a place to link to except a locked lj-community.

Yes, it looks awful. He looks like Evil!Corbin. (Evil!Corbin is still gay.)

Interviews with the HSM2 kids during filming. Lucas is "wearing Cher's closet," and Corbin is gay. Zac is either stoned or hung over, I can't tell. Either way, the boy's not okay. He clearly hasn't washed his hair in days. He does use the word "strewn" correctly, though.
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